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First Data has been such a nightmare!We had a leased machine and the lease ended.

The lease dept. sent me a letter (actually two letters) that to keep the old machine would cost around $20. Mind you I had already agreed to buy a new machine for $500. So, for that amount it wouldn't even be worth Fed-exing it back at my expense.

But no, the lease dept. said that letter was an error. OK. The first FD-400Ti machine they sent had an error message on the screen & would not even turn off.

So, I requested a new machine be sent. They sent me a call tag within a few days time. Then the second machine arrived & that machine failed to work, as well. The guy on the phone from First Data said the machine was programmed incorrectly.

So, this time I asked that our contract be cancelled & the machine returned to them. So, now it's been two weeks and no call tag to send it back. They finally let me request a new one today "” two weeks later. It seems like such a stalling tactic.

I assume at some point they will say I've had the machine too long to return it and/or cancel my contract. And guess what "” they told me that the second machine that was sent was a re-conditioned machine, since it was a replacement. So, basically I paid $500 for a used, defective machine. What is with this company!

Who is in charge! I also had a problem with the rates that were offered to me. The rep on the phone offered me unbelievably good rates. I had to ok everything with the owner of the business and the rep gave me her direct line to get back in touch with her.

I left her a message, but she never returned my call (not even after a week and a half). I tried her several times with no luck. She also told me during our initial conversation that I could talk with anyone on her team, but no one ever had any of the info. she quoted me & wanted to start the process all over again.

I had to get my bank & a First Data supervisor to intervene to get me the quoted rates, but they qualified that it would only be good for six month. Beware, beware!!!! Too many different departments to talk to & a lot of bait & switch going on! I am disgusted that a company would treat a small business in such a shabby manner.

Shameful!I will be contacting the attorney general's office in my state.

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